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First off if you are in support of disrespecting our first responders 

our military our flag or anthem 

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Please note all shipping prices are for the lower 48 if your not in the lower 48 please call or text for a shipping quote.

Searching for Honda Goldwing air wings ? UPGRADE to Windwings . Over 30 years of customizing comfort for the Goldwing lovers .Looking for F6b windwings we have created our unique version and are ready for shipping.Looking for wings for the slingshot or the Can am we have them ready to sell . We are the only company that makes air deflectors for the Honda Goldwing that have thick, unbreakable panels that are mounted on rust resistant mirror finished stainless steel brackets with our unique 3 panel design..The bike below is sporting the full rider set with hand wings , over-sized 6 inches taller and 2 inches wider on the sides scratch resistant nearly unbreakable windshield with the rear unbreakable spoiler which both come in clear and tint. The hand wings have laser engraving in block lettering however, you can choose from 1000's of different lettering types and sizes or we can laser engrave your photo or logo on any of our Honda parts and accessories. Our best customer is the educated consumer.We love our customers so much if you come to us all installations are free (YES FREE) .When was the last time you got anything for FREE

What are people saying about our Windwings and windshields?

Chris Caliente

Eddie Grady I added a set of Blue Wind Wings to my White GL1800 while at WING DING. I saw a tremendous difference in the ride home with the added wings. Thanks for your AWESOME product. And yes, I looked at the competition and as soon as I mentioned the improper placement of your product, the guy turned away from me and started talking to someone else. You have another satisfied customer down here in the Great State of TEXAS....

"Orvilles wings withstand a lot of abuse. Had my 1500 fall on them several times. (Had problems with the wing sidestand and bike was blown over in a thunderstorm). The wings got scratched a little but were in good shape. I was able to buff most scratches out. Had two of his windshields on the 1500 and now have one on the 1800. The first two lasted about 40K miles each."

Member, 1800 riders

"His wings are better built they are thicker and have stainless steel brackets instead of chrome plated. The wind wings are a three piece that cover the bottom radiator vent. Give him a call and he will tell you all about his products."


David Lovelace — 5 starWind Wings is a top quality product, run by First Class people. It's one of those rare purchases that lives up to everything you hoped it would be and your completely happy you made the decision to make the purchase.

Eddie Richter:I had bakers for years but when I seen Windwings I knew it was a superior product.The panels were so much thicker and the stainless steel shined like chrome.I was headed to a trip from Florida to Alaska so I made the upgrade and had Orville remove the Bakers and install the Windwings.I was so impressed how Windwings controlled heat and cool air. I no longer got heat like I did from the Bakers and the cool air was so much more .The 3 panel system Windwings make is all the difference.We rode in snow, heat, and rain riding from Florida to Alaska and the best accessory on my bike was the Windwings

Barry Bangson: Did a lot of research....Windwings are made better than the Baker air wings.The Dragon wings seem a bit flimsy,a bit weird looking.

Barry Bangson :I just installed Windwings on my Gl 1800.They're built with heavier plastics and stainless steel!This is the BEST money I have spent ,period.It's hotter than hell in Tennessee right now and I have some copd happening.I'm thrifty and thought I had made a mistake'but I knew in the first half-mile that I made a great decision.Highly recommend the Windwings over the Bakers.Dan and his wife are at most regional Gwrra rallies and will install them for you free,plus there are a lot of colors available.

David Chambers:I love mine

Glenda Kilpatrick: We love ours

Kenneth Campbell:Windwings are the best

Garland Dennis : I rode with Bakers-they kept breaking .Right after Danny and Kim bought the company from Orville I switched over to windwings and have no problems since.Won't go back to Bakers.



Well we did it ,We are now carrying the side vents for the windshields.We have them in clear and light smoke .What a difference these will make when you want some extra wind,or keep extra wind away. As you expected they are made of nearly unbreakable lexan and stainless steel hardware. They can be used on most all bikes we have them in two sizes.  

Summer of 2013 located at the side of Lake Kluane mile post 1093 on the famous Alaska hwy in Yukon Canada. Both bikes being sported by Windwings.

We'll Get You Back on the Road Quickly!

Whether your Bike needs one part or multiple parts , you can trust our team of experts. We're a family-owned, custom manufacturer with old-fashioned values. Like honesty and integrity specializing in quality motorcycle products.

We cater to our customers. With services like onsite installs, custom installs and custom manufacturing to each bike.You can count on us - Whenever your bike needs that extra sharp look with our extra sharp quality motorcycle products we are the only manufacturer that goes that extra step to provide them .No other manufacturer makes air wings with the quality of stainless steel products that produce a mirror finish. Our wings come completely assembled all you have to do is bolt them on with common tools.

Call us for:

Request for new motorcycle products you need us to manufacture!

To order one of our products for yourself or a special friend.

To order for your motorcycle shop to get the maximum discounts available.

Reliable * Guaranteed Parts and Service * Satisfaction Guaranteed * Money Back Guarantee*

Our Product colors

  Our colors are translucent so they compliment your bike color they don't dominate it.

left to right colors are as follows:

red/brown bronze/dark blue/light blue/yellow/orange/clear/black/dark smoke/light smoke (purple is available not shown here)

Remember our panels are the thickest on the market thats why we guarantee them not to break with normal use.Our Stainless steel brackets are guaranteed not to rust or pit either

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